Coaching Videos

1. Bowls with Bryant

David Bryant shares his invaluable insight into how to maximise your bowling ability, aided by his long-time friend and team-mate David Rhys-Jones. This video runs for just over an hour!

2. Tony Allcock’s Art of Bowls Vols 1-4

A collection of 4 videos covering keys areas of playing the game from one of the great players. Each video runs for approximately one hour.

Vol 1: Bowls and Basics

Vol 2: Bowling the Jack

Vol 3: Putting it all together

Vol 4: The Team Spirit

3. Coaching videos from Bowls New Zealand

9 videos from the New Zealand National Coaching Team, including one on ‘Common Faults’.

4. Bowls Australia

‘The Coaches Den’

5. Lachlan Tighe

Click here to go to Lachlan’s very informative (Youtube) coaching videos.