A good result at Mole Valley

On Wednesday, 28th November, Merrow bowlers travelled to Leatherhead for our first indoor match of the season. Our hosts were Mole Valley, ready to take us on playing four rinks.  Unfortunately, Mole Valley were let down by some players not turning up, meaning that they had to play with three bowlers to our four on three of the four rinks. Merrow were supported by three additional bowlers from Wey Valley: Sue, Lawrie, and Jonathan, to whom we owe a vote of thanks.

For the first time, Merrow were able to field a side where all bowlers also played indoors at Wey Valley, so we were confident of improving on our previous years’ results. As the match progressed Merrow were suffering mixed fortunes against an experienced Mole Valley side. The overall score fluctuated throughout the match but eventually Mole Valley prevailed, winning 87-75. This wasn’t as bad as it might seem, as it is the first time that we had held Mole Valley under 100! Well done to all Merrow bowlers. Merrow did win on one rink with a great score of 30-10, so congratulations to Allen, Lawrie, Sue and David. We also drew on one rink 19-19; well done Rodney, Sue, Bernard and Len.

We look forward to our next indoor match, which will be away against Camberley on Sunday, 27th January.