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Further Reading

You might have to search second hand booksellers (and jumble sales!) to get hold of some of these books.

  1. Allcock T. Bowling Skills. Hamlyn, 1988
  2. Bell J. Crowood Sports Guides: Bowls – Skill, Techniques and Tactics. Crowood Press, 2016
  3. Bryant D. Bowl with Bryant. Willow Books, 1989
  4. Bryant D. Bryant on Bowls. Pelham Books, 1989
  5. Gallwey Timothy W. The Inner Game of Golf. Pan Books, 2015
  6. Hornby H. Bowled Over: The Bowling Greens of Britain. Historic England, 2015
  7. Hulbert P. Bowls: Making the Most of Your Game. Robert Hale, 2016
  8. Judson R. Lawn Bowls Coaching. ebook, 3rd edition, 2003 (available here)
  9. KTG (Know the game) Bowls. Bloomsbury, 2019
  10. Snell J and Pritchard B. John Snell’s Winning Bowls. Souvenir Press, 1983 (digital version available from here)
  11. Tighe L. Winning Becomes You in Lawn Bowls. Lothian Custom Publishing, 2013 (additional material available from here)