Club Competitions

We managed to complete all of the club’s competitions on time, so here are the results for 2016.

Mixed Pairs Debbie and David Ewins

First to 101 Bob Carey

Men’s Championship Rodney Morrison

Ladies’ Championship Sue Reigate

Men’s Drawn Pairs Championship Brian Reigate and Calvin Haggis

Handicap Singles Bob Carey

Men’s Junior Championship Calvin Haggis

Novices Cup David Ewins

Three Wood Singles Bob Carey

Two Wood Singles Rodney Morrison

Ladies Drawn Pairs Championship Sue Reigate and Debbie Ewins

Hard work on the green

Following our last outdoor match, we began work on the green to get it into good condition for the next season.

A lot of effort has to go into the green maintenance and we were fortunate to have six people turn up on Sunday 18th to help with the work. A busy morning resulted in a great deal of clearing up and green maintenance, which continued on Monday.

We look forward to a much improved green for next season.

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A win on the last day

On Saturday, 17th September, we hosted Shere for our last friendly of the outdoor season. Despite lowering skies, the rain held off and we were able to complete our eighteen ends without any problems.

We played on three rinks, with Merrow winning on two and losing on the other, giving Merrow the victory overall.

Shere are in danger of folding, due to lack of members. However, should that happen, we at Merrow would be more than happy to welcome them to our club.

We have three indoor matches to look forward to: Mole Valley in November and then Burpham and Camberley fixtures in February 2017.

Fun and games

On Thursday evening, instead of our normal club night, our coach Rodney Morrison organised an evening of fun.

A number of bowling challenges were set out, where teams of three competed to score as many points as possible. The challenges included: knocking jacks into the ditch while avoiding the surrounding bowls; blindfold bowling into a square; knocking bowls into the ditch while avoiding the surrounding jacks; and Australian bowls, where the team delivers all their bowls and then bowls the jack to get as many bowls within two metres of said jack.

We finished off with a favourite; everyone trying to land their bowls on a target in the middle of the green.  This is made more difficult as everyone os bowling for themselves and bowls can get knocked onto or off the target! There was a great deal of laughter throughout this game.

As the evening drew to a close, we all enjoyed a fish and chip supper delivered to us by Seafare, washed down with each person’s choice of tipple. We all sat out in the evening sun to enjoy our meal but eventually had to retreat indoors as it came on to rain (followed by night-long thunderstorms!).

Special thanks go to Rodney Morrison for organising the event and we look forward to more of the same next year.

Our final outdoor friendly of the season is on Saturday 17th September, when we host Shere. However, we also have three indoor matches lined up over the winter.

Finals Day!

After a very wet Saturday, which saw a planned friendly cancelled, Finals Day dawned bright and sunny, much to everyone’s relief.

The day was split into morning and afternoon sessions so that players and markers could get some lunch. A lot of good bowls was played and the results will be published soon. In the meantime, here are some photos of the day.

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A close result at Ripley

Saturday, 3rd September saw Merrow visit Ripley. There was a constant threat of rain and lots of wind, but more of that later.

All four rinks were in action and all was going well until the sixteenth end, when the heavens opened, bringing the match to an early conclusion.

Totting up the scores gave Merrow the win by just one point! Who knows what might have happened if the remaining two ends had been played.

As we approach the end the season, with only a few matches remaining, it was good to get the win, no matter how close the result.

Holloway Hill victors

Wednesday, 31st August, saw Merrow entertain Holloway Hill.

The afternoon threatened rain, but we were fortunate enough to have a dry afternoon.

Merrow had mixed fortunes, with a mix of wins and losses on the four rinks in play. Unfortunately, the final result saw the visitors win by nine points overall.

Next up is an away match at Ripley on Saturday, 3rd September, where we hope for a good result.