Tidying up

Monday was our second week of clearing the bank at the side of our green, having adopted it from the parent club.

Over the years, the bank has become overgrown with weeds and ivy, resulting in a not very attractive outlook. The plan is to clear the site, and replant with something more decorative.

While at the club, it was great to see our green looking splendid. I can’t wait to get my bowls out again.

Merrow adopts BIAS

To help our club move forward, and remove some repetitive tasks, Merrow have adopted the BIAS system.

BIAS is written and maintained by a bowler, so it addresses most of the needs of a bowls club such as Merrow.

Club members who already have a BIAS login can join the Merrow system very easily, as detailed in my recent email. Members without a previous BIAS login can easily register on the system.

Going forward, bowlers will be able to sign up to all matches online, or continue adding their name to the printed team sheets.

Looking good!

I dropped by at the club this morning, and thought I’d share how good the green is looking, even after all the recent rain.

You may spot that we now have the electric fence covering all four sides of the green. Many thanks to Len for getting the (very sturdy) corner posts organised, and to Bill for providing the soil to build up the ground behind the edging boards. Much appreciated.

Ripley, our last match of the outdoor season

On Wednesday 16th September, five intrepid Merrow bowlers made the short journey to Ripley BC for our last match of the outdoor season. Merrow’s honour was at stake, having been beaten at home by Ripley.

We were pleased to have lovely weather for the match, with shorts and hats much in evidence. Ripley’s green was rather soft, giving everyone problems getting their bowls to roll far enough.

By the end of the match, Merrow were feeling the strain of having to put so much effort into their deliveries. Ripley proved to be dominant, winning on all three rinks 42-66. Merrow’s best result was with Lorna and John, losing by just three points.

We look forward to welcoming our friends from Ripley to our green next year.

President vs. Chair

Merrow’s annual President versus Chair match on Saturday, 12th September, was played under a warm, clear sky.

We were to play four rinks of pairs over 18 ends. Chairman Brian elected to play the first 9 ends, with Robin taking his place for the remainder of the match, and demonstrating how his bowling has come on.

There was a lot of intense bowling on all rinks. New members Bill and Graham proved formidable opposition for Sally and John, winning by a substantial margin.

The teams had been organised by our coach, David E, who had given us a green to be proud of. President David M, unable to play, watched from the sidelines.

The President’s team were up 8 at half way and it was all square at 14 ends. However, after a hard-fought match, the Chair won 73-59.

Here are all the results. President’s teams first:
John & Sally 10 v Graham & Bill 26
Allen & Joan 16 v Colin & Jarek 23
David & Lorna 20 v David F & Sue 10
Andy & Mark 13 v Ken & Brian/Robin 14

The afternoon was rounded off with a picnic. There was plenty of animated conversation and laughter, a hallmark of our friendly club.

We all look forward to returning in 2021 to resume our outdoor bowling.