Away at Elstead

On Sunday, 16th August, we travelled to Elstead for our second competitive Friendly.

We were due to play a match of two pairs but due to a mistake on my part, we had five players. Elstead fielded an extra player, meaning that we played one pairs, and one triples. We abided by the covid-19 rules to avoid contamination.

The match started under threatening skies, and we were soon treated to a light rain shower, followed by a heavier downpour which stopped play for a short period.

The two rinks had mixed fortunes. On rink 1, John and Sally were storming ahead, while over on rink 3, we were having a much tighter match.

The end result was an overall victory for Merrow, with a total score of 42-24. A big well done to John and Sally, winning 28-8. From leading when going into the final end, Mark, Jarek, and David were unfortunate to lose 14-16. Well played everyone.

Our next two scheduled Friendlies are on 5th September at Seale & Sands, and 6th September at Castle Green.

Sally watches John’s bowl arrive

Jarek and Mark keep a close watch on the head

John delivers a bowl

Jarek takes shot

Sally gets her bowl away

John watching the head build up

Our first Friendly of 2020

The flag was flying again at Merrow as we welcomed Castle Green for our first friendly match of the summer.
Due to a short team from the visitors we played one pairs and one singles match. Luckily the threatening rain did not arrive. John Wills won his singles match comfortably 30-7. The pairs was a close run thing and came down to the final end with the skips battling it out for honours. In the end Debbie and David won 14 -10 thanks to an inspired shot by David which removed the Castle Green bowl from the head. Castle Green’s skip then narrowly failed to get shot with the last bowl which would have leveled the game.
Brian Taylor, Ken Webb and Jean came to spectate and it was an enjoyable afternoon all round.

Report by Debbie Ewins.

We’re all going on a – BDA Workshop

Today, as part of our BDA (Bowls Development Alliance) programme, eight club members attended a Club Helpers workshop, hosted by Conor Grogan.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide guidance in welcoming and introducing potential members at Open Days and club nights.

Split into two groups of four, we went through some examples of how we could introduce new bowlers to our sport, using games equipment provided by Conor. This proved to be very useful, and highlighted points that we had missed, or could improve.

Although we are unlikely to hold an Open Day this season, the lessons learnt should stand us in good stead next year, and whenever potential members come to the club.

Conor goes throuh the aims of the workshop

Richard introduces Len to the sport


Richard gives Debbie some encouragement

The Covid19 Singles League

We have a new club league!

Thanks to David E, we have a new Friday singles league, open to all paid-up members. The rules are quite simple, and follow the guidelines issued by the Government and Bowls England.

We have eight players in the league; seven men, and one lady. Each player is assured of seven matches, and the result of each match will be recorded, contributing to a league table. There will be seven rounds, and I’m sure much pleasure will be gained from playing competitive matches again.

Watch this space for progress reports, and the final results!

We’re back on the green!

Thanks to David and Debbie, bowls is back on the agenda. At present, access to the green is limited to two sessions per week, bookable in advance as mentioned in the email you will have received.

On Tuesday 19th, the first of the sessions got underway under a blazing hot sun. Thank heavens for the shade provided by the trees. Everything ran very smoothly, with Lorna and me (David R) playing on rink 3, Tony O on rink 2, Tony R on rink 4, and David and Debbie enjoying themselves on rink 1. There is a gap of 4.5 m between rinks, and we have a Green Steward present to help members comply with guidelines.

Here are a few photos to mark the occasion.