Pulling together

Tuesday, 26th March was a lovely warm and sunny day. Taking full advantage of the favourable conditions, a group of club members spent the morning planting, painting, mending, rolling, and mowing.

David and Debbie’s herculean efforts on the green have certainly born fruit, with a lovely smooth surface. We all owe them a vote of thanks for their work.

Update: I should also mention the hard work put in by Bernard and Andy preparing the benches ready for painting. There’s been a fair bit of repair work and an awful lot of sanding!

It’s our Jumble Sale!

We are holding the first of our 2019 Jumble Sales on 13th April. If you are able to donate jumble please get in touch with any committee member, who will help organise storage.

If you are able to put aside some time to help set up on the Friday evening from about 10:30pm, or if you can help on the day of the jumble sale, please let David R know. We always have a great deal of fun dealing with the buyers, so the more the merrier.

Click here for the details: Jumble Sale ad A4 white