List of Competitions and Entry Form

Members are encouraged to enter the internal club competitions. Entries are normally collected on ‘signing on evening’ in March, but a closing date for entries will be given by the Competition Secretary. The draws for the various competitions are made early in the season. Matches are played during the season with finals held on Finals weekend around early-mid September (see website and fixture booklet for dates).

The following competitions are played:

Men’s Championship (singles)21 shots 
Ladies’ Championship (singles)21 shots 
Men’s Drawn pairs21 ends 
Ladies’ Drawn pairs21 ends 
Mixed Pairs21 ends 
Junior Championship (singles)1,221 shots 
Handicap Singles221 shots 
Two Wood Singles221 ends 
Three Wood Singles218 ends 
Three set singles2,33 sets of 9 ends(odd years)
101 singles2,4101 shots(even years)
Novice singles (2 years experience or less)221 shots 

1Open to all except past winners of the men’s/ladies’ championship and this competition
2Open competitions
3One point is awarded for winning a set and half a point if the set is drawn. If the score is equal after two sets have been played, then an extra set of nine ends will be played
4The closest four bowls score, irrespective of player. The nearest scores 4 shots, the next 3 etc. The first player to reach 101 shots wins

Entry Form