Fun and games

On Thursday evening, instead of our normal club night, our coach Rodney Morrison organised an evening of fun.

A number of bowling challenges were set out, where teams of three competed to score as many points as possible. The challenges included: knocking jacks into the ditch while avoiding the surrounding bowls; blindfold bowling into a square; knocking bowls into the ditch while avoiding the surrounding jacks; and Australian bowls, where the team delivers all their bowls and then bowls the jack to get as many bowls within two metres of said jack.

We finished off with a favourite; everyone trying to land their bowls on a target in the middle of the green.  This is made more difficult as everyone os bowling for themselves and bowls can get knocked onto or off the target! There was a great deal of laughter throughout this game.

As the evening drew to a close, we all enjoyed a fish and chip supper delivered to us by Seafare, washed down with each person’s choice of tipple. We all sat out in the evening sun to enjoy our meal but eventually had to retreat indoors as it came on to rain (followed by night-long thunderstorms!).

Special thanks go to Rodney Morrison for organising the event and we look forward to more of the same next year.

Our final outdoor friendly of the season is on Saturday 17th September, when we host Shere. However, we also have three indoor matches lined up over the winter.

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