July and August Round-up

We have had a busy and hot summer, so hot in fact that some matches have had to be cancelled or postponed! However we have been grateful to the trees for the shade during fixtures that have been played and the opportunity to have refreshments greenside thanks to the new tables and chairs.

The Monday afternoon skills have proved useful for improving our confidence in match play – sometimes we can draw round short bowls or wrest out and remain to hold shot! The goal to get within mat length for 2 points means we are focussing on accuracy.

Merrow have had a successful season in the leagues finishing mid-table or above in all including a very pleasing 3rd for the ladies in our zone of the Surrey Ad. With a few more fixtures to play in the Knaphill Triples we could be through to the semi-final stage. Good luck to the squad. We have won all three of our Harding Cup fixtures and are through to the final on Monday 12th September.

The Aussie Pairs Competition Day was a great success and is likely to become an annual fixture. The very close final was won by Michael and Bernard by one shot with Steve M and Steve D (who were winners of the league stage) runners up. The token prizes were bottles of wine for the winners and wine gums for the runners up. Thanks to Dave E for organising the day.  

The Club Night League has two rounds left to play and with at least half a dozen possible winners from the thirty-nine who have taken part, there is all to play for. You can check out the leader board in the fixtures tab under league tables.

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