January Update

It’s been cold and frosty but members of the club have still been very active since Christmas.

We joined Stoke Park for a skittles evening and held our own quiz in the Main Club. John and Sally were excellent Quiz Master and Marker with some challenging rounds which kept us on our toes. There were several rounds of ‘play your cards right’ as we were not convinced the pack had been thoroughly shuffled! Along with the raffle, over £100 was raised for club funds.

Green work is continuing when possible and we just managed to get the January tining done and fertilizer down before the latest cold snap. The green and surrounds are looking good in the winter sunshine.

Our scheduled indoor fixtures continued with a very close win against Camberley IBC over five triples. We needed the five shots from our losing rink to scrape an 87 – 86 victory. Paul, Trevor and Steve M, who finished playing last, were certainly feeling the scoreboard pressure!

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