Open Day – Sunday, 8th May


Merrow Village Bowling Club would like to invite you to “Come and play bowls” at their special “PLAY BOWLS DAY”  on  Sunday 8th May at their green, behind the Merrow Village Hall and Social Club, on the Epsom Road at Merrow.  Members and the club coaches will be on hand from  10-12am and 2-4pm to welcome both existing bowlers and those who have not tried the game before, but who would like to have a go.  The sessions are free and can be followed by a course of four further sessions at times to suit you in the following days or weeks.  The club are particularly keen to encourage new lady bowlers to join their existing ladies group.

Why not come along,  make new friends and find out that there is much more to the game than you may have thought. The club stress that enjoyment of the game is the main aim, and play friendly matches at weekends throughout the summer, against other local clubs.

For further details contact club coach Rodney Morrison on 01483  232000

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