Our team in the Tuesday Triples league (AKA Old Codgers League –2 triples -men only–over 55 years old)  having started with a narrow defeat at Astolat on 3rd May, played their first home game on 10th and recorded an excellent win over Castle Green 58 -16.  A single rink then went to Knaphill on Friday 13th (lucky for us as it turned out)  to play their B side in the Friday night league, and achieved a win by 7 shots, an excellent away result against a good home side. At the weekend a team of 12 continued the success with a 20 shot win in our Saturday friendly game at Shere, but we came down to earth with a bump the following day, getting thoroughly thumped 39-88 by an excellent home team at Milford.

The emphasis of the club is on these weekend friendly games where enjoyment of the game takes priority over the result, and we look forward to bringing more new members into the team in the next few weeks, to give them useful match experience and allow them to mix with existing members and opponents in the jovial and enjoyable atmosphere that prevails.

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