New club, old clubs

On Saturday Merrow entertained Stoke Park for a three rinks match; that’s four players per team, playing with two bowls each over twenty one ends. This was a departure from Merrow’s normal playing of triples over eighteen ends. Stoke Park are a new side, being the result of a merger of Astolat and Guildford clubs.

You may recall that the day continued the recent baking hot trend. Hats were de rigour, as was plenty of liquid intake.

The match seesawed a little at the start but all of Merrow’s rinks moved ahead. However, Stoke Park’s captain and his team were always in contention, winning on his rink. The final score was: Merrow winning on two of the three rinks and overall 65 – 51 on points.

At the break, Rodney provided delicious homemade cakes and refreshing cups of tea for all, which was very well received.

No photos from this match I’m afraid, as my camera was left at home!

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