An evening at Westfield

Wednesday, 22nd May saw Merrow play one of their few evening matches. On this occasion we visited Westfield for a match of four triples.

We were blessed with a lovely evening on which to play bowls, although the low sun did pose a few problems until the trees gave us some shade. The match started well for Merrow, on a green that was reasonably fast with few problems. As this was an evening match, we played straight through without a break for tea, so it was essential to have a drink to hand.

The Merrow bowlers gave a good account of themselves, with each rink playing hard for a result. Unfortunately, we were unable to turn our efforts into a positive result, with Westfield winning 74-62 overall. However, there were good results for two of our teams. Sue, Allen, and David E won 17-16, with Debbie, Lorna, and Ken winning 17-13. A big “well done” to both teams.

After the match, Westfield laid on tea, which was enjoyed by all. We look forward to the return match at Merrow on 14th July.

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