A tough match at Albury

After the cancellation of several matches due to bad weather, it was a relief for Merrow to visit Albury on Saturday, 15th June for a friendly of four triples. Although we had had rain on and off over the previous week, the day had started dry and sunny. However, things changed in the afternoon, with heavy cloud and showers making the outlook rather bleak. We were fortunate that, after a short shower, the weather dried up and we were able to stay dry for the match.

As ever, Albury had fielded a strong side, and we approached the match knowing they would be hard to beat. Our bowlers had had little opportunity to practice during the previous week, so we were really up against it. After two trial ends, we played the eighteen ends straight through, which was a good plan given the weather conditions.

The teams were soon battling away, with each Merrow team doing their best to win each end. Sadly, we were overcome, with Merrow only winning on one rink; that of Sally, Richard, and David R who won 20-9. Rink three came s-o-o-o close to winning, being three down on the last end and holding four but Albury put paid to that by winning on the last bowl of the match. Well done though to Judy, Len, and Ken for a spirited performance.

Following the match, we enjoyed tea and drinks with our hosts.




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