A visit from Stoke Park

On Saturday 6th July, Merrow hosted Stoke Park for a friendly of four triples.

As has been the norm of late, it was hot and sunny, with just the occasional bit of cloud coming over.

All rinks started well, with Merrow putting up a good showing. On the captains’ rink, Merrow was starting to drop behind at the break, so we were glad of some tea and a chance to regroup. Thanks go to Debbie, Lorna, and Sally for making lovely cakes, and Lesley and Sophie for helping out.

Following the restart, Stoke Park started to move ahead on two rinks, while Merrow held their own on the other two. At the finish, each side had won two rinks but Stoke Park won on overall points, with a score of 57-70.

Congratulations to our two winning rinks: Tony, Lorna, and John with a score of 22-10; and Mark, Brian, and Bob who won 14-13.

Next up is a home match against Holloway Hill on Wednesday. If you haven’t put your name down, best do so ASAP.

Noting the scores

Bowling under way

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