MVBC Presentation Lunch

On Sunday, 20th October, Merrow’s Presentation Lunch took place at the Masonic Centre in Guildford. As usual, there was a good turn out of members, ready to enjoy the afternoon. Pre-lunch drinks gave us all the opportunity to catch-up with all our friends.

The event began with a tasty lunch, preceded by a quiz kindly prepared by Tony Cekys, which had us all wracking our brains. Our meal was a welcome distraction from the quiz, and we all enjoyed the lovely food.

Following our meal, it was time for the prizegiving.  There was a lot of applause and good-natured banter from the attendees, as Richard and David M made each presentation. Following the awards, a small gift was given to David and Debbie for their work on improving the green, to which club members had contributed. Then it was on to the raffle! We had all brought along a raffle prize, and agin there was a lot of laughter for the winners.

We look forward to next year, and another fun-packed afternoon.

Note: should anyone like a copy of their photo, please contact David R.


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