We host Holloway Hill

On Wednesday, 11th July, Merrow played host to Holloway Hill for a friendly of four triples.

The weather, while warm and sunny, was a little cooler than of late, which was most welcome.

As the match developed, Holloway Hill were in the ascendancy, with only your correspondent’s rink ahead for Merrow. But, as you know, we Merrow bowlers never give up and recovery was on the cards. At the culmination of the match, Holloway Hill came out on top 57-60. However, Merrow won on two rinks and drew on a third, so we can be pleased with our performance, particularly as we had some inexperienced bowlers playing.

We stopped for some very welcome tea and cake at half time, provided by David Foster.

Merrow’s best rink, winning by two points, were Lorna, Debbie, and Ken. Good performances by Bernard, Julian, and Robin are also to be conmended. Well done to all our bowlers.


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