Our last outdoor match of the season

Merrow’s final outdoor match of 2018 was at Castle Green on Sunday, 23rd September. We have often had mixed fortunes with Castle Green fixtures during the Summer due to Guildford in Bloom taking over their facilities, so this match was our last opportunity in 2018 to play alongside Guildford Castle.

Saturday had been very wet, and Sunday morning also saw a heavy downpour, but by noon the rain seemed to have stopped, with a dry afternoon forecast, indeed we played in bright sunshine.

With Castle Green loaning us two bowlers, we were able to play three rinks of triples, although on one rink we were to play two against three, playing with a total of eight bowls for each team.

The match started well with all getting used to the green. Three of the rinks were nip and tuck, but our fourth rink was up against very strong competition.

After ten ends we stopped for a warming tea kindly prepared by Joan. We hoped that the refreshments would give Merrow added impetus, and that seemed to be the case, with all rinks making progress. However, the match ended with a good win for Castle Green on 84 points to Merrow’s 57. Well done to everyone for putting up a good showing against strong opposition.

This was our last outdoor match of the season. Our next match is an indoor fixture against Mole Valley in November, so make sure you put your name on the team sheet.

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