The green opens!

From our President

“To all members of MVBC, a message from your President.

With the exceptional impact of Covid-19 on the whole country, many of us thought that bowls this year was not going to be possible. But, people like David and Debbie, The NHS, and scientists, etc., have awakened the bulldog spirit of the British people. I thank them all for their positive outlook and dedication to get us on the green to enjoy our free time, and play the game of bowls again.

Please respect the new rules, and the people around you, at all times. I also thank the green stewards for helping you all through this new part of bowls. I hope you all enjoy Merrow Village Bowls 2020.

There is a long journey.

David Matthews, President.”


At this time, as we come to terms with the new COVID-19 guidelines, we are only opening the green to paid up members of the bowling club. However, if you are interested in joining the club or would simply like to try the sport, then please get in touch with us through our Contact pageand we will be in contact with you very shortly.

The Official Opening

David Matthews kindly volunteered to officially open our green on Sunday, 17th May, some time after our original plans. A short video of the event is available on the MVBC WhatsApp group. If you would like to join the group, please contact David Raison.

David delivers a bowlDavid delivers his second bowlNot a bad start


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