Not a good day at the office

On Saturday, 25th August, Merrow bowlers travelled the short distance to local rivals Burpham to play a friendly of five triples.

The afternoon started cool, but the sun soon came out to warm us up. After playing our trial ends, the teams went into battle. Looking around the scoreboards, your correspondent could see that Burpham were forging ahead.

We stopped for tea and biscuits at the halfway mark, which provided a most welcome break. Unfortunately for Merrow, the break did nothing to improve our score.

At the conclusion, Burpham came out on top by a significant margin, winning by 115-60. However, it was not all doom and gloom. Merrow had two rinks that broke the mould. Sue, Ken, and Bob lost on the final end by just two points, having come very close to a win. Meanwhile, Richard, Brian R, and Colin managed a draw, certainly our best rink.

The afternoon ended with all sitting down to sandwiches (thanks to Nina), drinks, and a chat. We thank Mike, Anne, and John for their sterling efforts on the catering front.

Our next match against Burpham will be in February 2019, when we play host at Wey Valley.

Merrow’s David Ewins delivers a bowlMerrow's David Ewins delivers a bowl

The match gets under wayThe match begins


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