What a mix up!

On Wednesday, 29th August, Merrow were looking forward to an evening friendly at Holloway Hill, Godalming. The match normally starts at 6pm, so we were surprised to receive a call at 2:30 asking if we were planning to play. It transpired that having changed the fixture date, the match time in our fixtures list had not been amended too. After some frantic phone calls, match captain Brian T was able to get eleven of our twelve players to Holloway Hill for a 4pm start, with our hosts loaning a player to make up the shortfall.

After all the shenanigans, it was a relief to get on with the match on a cool afternoon. Fortunately, despite the earlier rain, the green had started to dry, so the bowling surface was in reasonable shape.

Both sides were soon playing hard, with scores ebbing and flowing. We had initially decided to play just twelve ends, but that was quickly amended to fourteen due to improvements in the weather. The match ended with both teams winning on two rinks, but Holloway Hill came out on top overall, scoring 52 points to Merrow’s 42. Merrow’s top rink was Sue, Ken, and Colin, who triumphed by five points, winning 15-10. Well done folks. Our other winning rink was that of the captain. Well done to Debbie, Brian R, and Brian T.

Following the match, we all sat down for sandwiches and cake, and some friendly chat.

As we near the end of the season, we anticipate meeting many of our hosts at Wey Valley over the Winter.

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